10 in 1 water dermabrasion hydra facial machine

Short Description:

10 in 1 hydra facial machine is professional skin cleaning model, come with hyadra dermabrasion, skin scrubber, diamand dermabrasion, silicone dermabrasion, and vacuum pen, effectively cleanse the skin, remove blackheads, acne, and improve oily skin. Otherwise,the machine is equipped with other handles for skin lifting, wrinkle removal, skin whitening, bio handle, PDT handle, tripolar and spray.

  • Place of Origin: Beijing, China
  • Brand: Risen Beauty
  • Certification: CE
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Delivery way: DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, EMS etc
  • Payment terms: TT, West Union, Paypal, Money Gram, Credit online paying
  • Product name: 10 in 1 hydra facial machine
  • packing size: 66*49*120cm³
  • Net weight: 35kg
  • Product Detail


    Product parameter:


    Technology HydrafacialDiamond dermabrasionSilicone dermabrasion  Bio microcurrent Vacuum pens Oxygen water spray Bipolar RF

     Tripolar RF

    Ultrasonic skin scrubber


    RF frequency 1Mhz
    Vacuum   ≥100Kpa
    Tech Hydro dermabrasion , photon light
      Max output  250VA
    Operate  10.4” Touch screen
     Handles Hydro dermabrasion with 8 tipsDiamond dermabrasion with 9 tipsBio microcurrent 1 pieceMicrocurrent gloves 1 pairVacuum pen 3 different sizesPhoton light with 2 handles  Spray mist gun 1 piece

    Bipolar RF handle 1 piece

       Tripolar RF handle 1 piece

      LED handles 2 pieces

    Ultrasonic skin scrubber 1 piece

    Voltage   100-240VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
    Package size 66*49*120cm³
    Net weight 35 KG
    Warranty One year for main machine and 3 months for spare parts


    The handles of cleans the skin

     Hydra dermabrasion: reduce age spots; reduce oil skin; remove blackhead; reduce acne.



     Diamond dermabrasion: Improve overall skin health; minimize of blotchy skin coloring



    Ultrasonic skin scrubber: 25KHZ ultrasonic vibration,improve cell metabolism, accelerate microcirculation and meke metabolism reflux.


     About handles of skin rejuvenation:handles-of-skin-lifting

     1. Spray                           2. Ultrosound handle              3. vacuum pen                     4. PDT                               5. BIO polar



    A. skin rejuvenation

    B. Deep pore cleanser

    C. skin whitening

    D. wrinkle removal



    1.Q: I am operating a beauty center. For the facial cleansing part, should I choose a desktop hydra facial machine or a professional comprehensive machine?
      A:Our suggestion is that a comprehensive machine brings better results, and at the same time the machine comes with many functions, which can bring a better experience to customers.
    2.Q: For the handle for removing acne, can I adjust the suction power?
       A:Of course, you can adjust the suction power.
    3. Q: What is the difference between a desktop hydra facial machine and a vertical hydra facial machine?
        A:We have many types of hydra facial machines, they are all comprehensive machines, 6 in1, 7in1, 10in1 or 12in1, the function is different, the biggest difference is that the pump of the vertical machine is larger than the desktop machine, and the suction power of the vaccum handle is larger.


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