laser diode 808 beauty euqipment for hair removal

Short Description:

This model laser portable style diode 808 hair removal machine is hot selling,one year warranty,shots can reach 2000 0000,imported germany lasler bar,laser window you can choose 12*20 12*10 ,painless permanent laser hair removal.

  • Place of Origin: Beijing, China
  • Brand: Risen Beauty
  • Certification: CE
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Delivery way: DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, EMS etc
  • Payment terms: TT, West Union, Paypal, Money Gram, Credit online paying
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    Product parameter:

     Wavelength  808nm or 755+808+1064
     Pulse Width  25ms~400ms
     Repetition Rate  1Hz~10Hz
     Energy Fluence  0~120J/cm2
     Beam Type  Collimated
     Skin Cooling  TEC + Sapphire
     Laser Window  12*20   12*10
     Laser Cooling Liquid  Purified Water
     Water Tank Volume  2L
     LCD Screen  6’ ~8’ Touch LCD
     Pedal Switch  Support
     Environment Temperature  5~28℃
     Water Temperature  5~35℃
     Input VAC  220VAC / 50-60Hz
    Dimension 36x30x42cm
    Weight 22KG

    Product wavelength:

    This model laser hair removal machine is 808nm diode laser hair removal machine,it can be with wavelength of 808nm,

    we can also make it with 755nm 808nm 1064nm three wavelength together.

    Product theory:

    808nm diode laser effectively penetrates deeply into dermis and is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicles. The laser energy transforms to thermal energy, which damages the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding tissue to achieve effective hair removal.

    Product advantages:

     1.808nm diode laser is very fast for hair removal has 2000 0000shots.

    2.Imported germany laser bar,10pcs bar to make the hair removal treatment has enough and steady energy.

    3.No pain,permanent hair removal result.

    4.The shell of the 808nm diode laser hair removal machine is very stable,the parts inside the machine is proteced well during long distance transportation.

    5.High quality parts .such as the cooling system,the radiator,we choose high quality.

    Product display:









    Aftercare:(808 diode laser hair removal machine)

    1 Please avoid sun exposure within six months after hair removal, and apply sunscreen lotion to the affected area to reduce sunlight exposure

    2 Do not eat spicy food on your diet after freezing hair removal

    3 Pay attention to hygiene and don’t wear underwear that is too dark or dirty

    4 Eat more fruits containing vitamin C after hair removal at freezing point, improve skin resistance and reduce pigmentation

    5 Pay attention to the use of skin care products after freezing hair removal, cleansing products or skin care products with less irritation to the skin

    6 After the freezing point hair removal, pay attention to the hygiene of the hair removal area, it is best not to go swimming in the recent period.


    Delivery method:

    we can deliver the parcel by express,DHL,UPS,FEDEX ,EMS air,by sea

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