Home use mini hair removal device

Short Description:

Home use mini hair removal device is most popular model, It brings a very convenient way of beauty, When you travel, you can carry it with you, push out the hair on your face or body, and use it once a week to effectively slow down the growth of hair, and you can easily get rid of hair at home!

  • Place of Origin: Beijing, China
  • Brand: Risen Beauty
  • Certification: CE
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Delivery way: DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, EMS etc
  • Payment terms: TT, West Union, Paypal, Money Gram, Credit online paying
  • Product name: home use mini IPL machine
  • Technology: IPL
  • Product Detail


     Product name  Home use mini hair removal device
     Model  BYM-003
     Rated voltage  12v
     Rated power  around 36 w
     Filter wavelength  650nm
     product weight  280G




    1.Q: Do I need to remove hair before use this device?

     A:  You had better remove hair before use IPL device, Laser can accurately act on hair follicles with better effect.

    2. Q:  Why should I stick to the skin when using the machine?

      A:  The hair removal effect is related to the amount of energy. It is close to the skin and can be closer to the high-energy light source area, which increases the hair removal effect by 30% to 40%.

    3.  Q: How do I care for my skin after hair removal?
         A: Avoid contact with water within 6 hours, you can apply aloe vera cream to do a good job of sun protection




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