hot selling blue light teeth whitening machine

Short Description:

This model teeth whitening machine is classical,we have solded it for many years,the quality is good,and the price is economic,it has 8pcs blue led light,the power is 40w,we can add your brand logo on the machine,we can give you support if you want to be the local distributors,please send inquiry to us if you are interested,we will respond asap.

  • Place of Origin: Beijing, China
  • Brand: Risen Beauty
  • Certification: CE
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Delivery way: DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, EMS etc
  • Payment terms: TT, West Union, Paypal, Money Gram, Credit online paying
  • Product Detail


    Product parameter:

     Wavelength of blue lamp  460-490nm
     Density of blue lamp  200-300mw/cm²
     Power  40w
     Output voltage  4.7V
     Input voltage  AC100~240V,50/60Hz
     Dimension of frame Height  1420mm,Arm length:1250mm(max),Wide:630mm
     Whiten time  10-15minutes for one time, two or three times for a treatment
     Size  67*66*28CM
     Weight  24KG

    Product advantages:

    It has effective bleaching system including the main pane inside the machine and the blue led lamp,the main panel can catalyse the whitening medicine and give a correct response.

    The blue led lamp with the wavelength (460-490nm) can cover every corner of your teeth.

    Fabulous design and good look.

    The TE400 teeth whitening machine is classical ,we have sold teeth whitening machine for almost 9 years.

    Product application:

    1.Extrinsic tooth discoloration(affected by coffee,tobacco,sauce,tea,food,etc)

    2.Intrinsic tooth discoloration(e.g.mild fluoroscopic or tetracycline staining)

    3.Genetically yellow teet

    4.Other cause of teeth discoloratio

    5.all the people who want a whiter & brighter smile

       Our Factory:

    teeth whiten factory
    Delivery: DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEx, EMS, etc.


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