LED lamp dental teeth whitening machine

Short Description:

TE300 is classical model, it has 3 kinds of led light, 2pcs red led light, 5pcs blue led light and 8pcs purple led light. The height of the lamp holder and lamp arm can be adjusted, Operation is more convenient.

  • Place of Origin: Beijing, China
  • Brand: Risen Beauty
  • Certification: CE
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Delivery way: DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, EMS etc
  • Payment terms: TT, West Union, Paypal, Money Gram, Credit online paying
  • Model: TE300
  • Color: Pink and blue
  • Color of light: Blue,red,blue+purple,blue+red+purple
  • Product Detail




    Product parameter:


    Name LED lamp dental teeth whitening machine
    Model TE300
    Wavestrength 430~490nm(Blue light); 620~640nm(Red light);380~400nm(Purple light)
    VOLTAGE AC:100V~240V
    Light source 4~5W/pc(Blue light); 2~3W/pc(Red light); 1W(Purple light)
    Colour of light Blue,red,blue+purple,blue+red+purple
    Number of lignt blue5,red2,purple8
    Size of box 70*47*22
    Weight 15kg


    Product application:

     1.Extrinsic tooth discoloration(affected by coffee,tobacco,sauce,tea,food,etc)

     2.Intrinsic tooth discoloration(e.g.mild fluoroscopic or tetracycline staining)

     3.Genetically yellow teeth

     4.Other cause of teeth discoloratio

     5.All the people who want a whiter & brighter smile



    Q: Generally, how often does a customer need to have teeth whitening service?

    A: they need to accept teeth whiten service about 2 week, If customer like to smoke or drink coffee, the frequency of teeth whitening services should be increased.


    Q: What is the functions of the red light and purple light of the teeth whitening lamp ?

    A: Red light and purple light can remove bacteria in the oral cavity very well. Their function is to sterilize and reduce inflammation.





    TE300-1 TE300-2









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