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Product name LED elctric derma pen
Power supply rechargeable
Adapter 4.2V-500MA
Weight Main body 102g
Size 17*2.1cm
Package 18*11*4.8cm


High quality model

7pcs led light for different skin.

2pcs battery, you can choose different way to use it.




led light:

Red light is for skin whitening.

Green light is for smooth wrinkle.

Blue light is for promote sensitive skin.

Yellow light is for fade dark spot.

Purple light is for lymph.

White light is for relacing

Cyan light is for inflammation skin mitigation.


7pcs led lights



Length of it will be longer, needle size adjustment from 0mm to 2.00mm



1. What is microneedling?
The softer name is Collagen Induction Therapy. It’s a process that promotes collagen stimulation and causes hyaluronic acid to be deposited into the skin, nourishing it with hydration. As the skin heals your body naturally creates more collagen and elastin in the skin. Results are younger and a more rejuvenated look!

 2. Will I bleed? 
You might have pin point bleeding in some areas; it really is not that much at all, nothing that you will see when your treatment is done.

 3. How long does the treatment take?  
Including the skin consultation it is about 90 min.The needling is only about 20 - 25 min of the 90.

How to use it:

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