How to use triangle finches?

In traditional Chinese medicine, we can often see different treatment methods—massage, except for scraping, cupping, and massage bath.
There is also a traditional massage health care product outside the tank, which is the three birds. This is a multi-function that integrates point, scrape, and massage.
It can be used for health care and can replace finger massage position.
The shape of the three finch is very beautiful and compact, and its appearance is like a small flying bird, so it is called the three finch. Its use effect
It is similar to the scraping board. For example, it can stimulate the meridians, dredge the viscera, promote fluid circulation, and can also sit near the position.
The use of guasha is a must-have product for home use.

The use of three birds to massage different parts of the meridians continuously stimulates the position, which can effectively improve the fluid circulation, and is also convenient for access and nourishment.
⽓, declare stagnation, relieve benefits, and prevent sub-health.
The various parts of the three finches can be used to massage different body positions. Its two round heads can be used to massage
Position, point-and-point use, just like a bottom massage. There are many nerve endings on the soles of your feet, which are also a reflection of your body’s organs
Area, often doing bottom massage can promote the body’s digestion and metabolism, and affect the digestion and absorption of the body, that is to say
It can help people who are overweight lose weight. They can sit on the bed and massage their left and right feet for two minutes every day.

The curved sides of the three finches can be used to massage the lymph of the arms, necks and legs, and the flat head of the handle can be used for scraping.
Unlike the spoon and chopsticks used in the past, the three-finch can achieve the scraping effect faster. Scraping is based on traditional Chinese medicine ⼗⼆ meridians and odd
The meridian, following the principle of “treating the symptoms if you are urgent”, uses the method of repeatedly scraping back and forth to burst the small tube at the end of the meridian,
Therefore, you can often see large purple silt on the body after scraping. This kind of rough method can effectively unclog
One’s veins and collaterals allow the “stagnation” in it to be emitted.
Scraping once in a while can effectively revitalize and remove blood stasis. The use of volatile Gua Sha oil with sweating effect can also promote
Open the pores, excrete sweat, and use the body itself to remove toxins and waste from the body. The symptoms it can use include colds, hair
Fever, heatstroke, headache, gastrointestinal disease, stiff neck, frozen shoulder, lumbar muscle strain, wet arthritis, etc., it is very suitable for young people’s health care
The young people who keep up and spend time at the computer desk relieve fatigue, and help obese people improve their metabolic levels in the body and accelerate weight loss.

Post time: Jun-28-2021

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