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What is the advantage of 1064nm+755nm long pulse laser machine?

The 1064nm+755nm long pulse laser is its ability to target a wider range of skin types and concerns.The 1064nm wavelength is ideal for deeper penetration, making it effective for treating darker skin types and removing unwanted hair on various body areas, the 755nm wavelength is perfect for targeting finer and lighter hair on fairer skin tones. By combining these two wavelengths, practitioners can effectively treat a broader range of patients with varying skin tones and hair textures.

The advantage of the dual wavelength system is its ability to deliver more precise and targeted energy to the treatment area. The longer pulse durations of these lasers allow for deeper penetration into the skin, resulting in more effective hair removal and skin rejuvenation. Additionally, the dual wavelength system can target different chromophores in the skin, such as melanin and hemoglobin, making it versatile for a variety of treatments.

The 1064nm+755nm long pulse laser offers faster treatment times and fewer side effects compared to traditional lasers. The longer pulse durations of these lasers allow for higher fluences to be delivered to the skin without causing damage to surrounding tissue. This results in quicker treatment sessions and minimal discomfort for patients.


Except hair removal treatment, 1064nm Long pulse laser machines are highly effective in addressing various skin concerns and conditions.

1. vascular lesions treatment. The targeted laser energy can safely and effectively reduce the appearance of spider veins, broken capillaries, and other vascular issues on the skin.

2. pigmented lesion removal. Whether it’s sun spots, age spots, or freckles, the long pulse laser can target excess melanin in the skin to lighten or remove these pigmented lesions.

3. long pulse lasers are valuable tools for skin rejuvenation procedures. They can stimulate collagen production, improve skin texture and tone, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and overall enhance the skin’s appearance.


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