The questions about hydra facial machines

1. How often should I do deep cleansing with small foam? Is it right to clean frequently?
Does the machine make the skin thin?
The skin quality of the human body will automatically fall off during the cycle of 17-28 days.
As the age increases, it will stay on the skin, which is the cause of the dull skin, so regularly
Cleaning is particularly important! But it is not recommended to clean the skin too often. If it is too clean, it will
Make the skin surface fragile and reduce the skin protection ability, so the recommended treatment cycle
Once every two weeks, the skin will not become thin after cleansing, because the small foam cleans the skin
The texture and trash inside the pores will prevent the facial skin from becoming thinner.

2. Is it possible to get the treatment in summer?
Yes, because of the strong secretion of fat glands in summer, maybe the stratum corneum is also
It’s relatively thick, so it’s necessary to do regular face cleaning and face care.
Because the hole opens in summer, it is very helpful for facial cleansing.

3. After using the instrument to absorb the mass, will the pores become larger?
Before applying the small foam, we will use a hot spray to expand the size of the hole
It will help to clean up the quality! After cleaning, add more to the skin
Nutrients are more conducive to the absorption of the product, which will have the effect of shrinking pores.

4. Is the treatment effective for one time? How often should the treatment be?
The hydra facial machine is mainly used to clean the pores.
It really has good effect to remove the balck heads for once treatment.
It belongs to the daily skin care items, as long as you feel that the skin is dirty, you need clean it.
Our suggestion is you can do two treatments one week.

Post time: Mar-31-2021

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