what Beauty items should be done in a beauty salon?

1. Facial skin detection

Why do you have to do facial skin testing and beauty items when you go to a beauty salon? Many people go to a beauty salon at one time and don’t know their skin condition at all. Therefore, the facial skin detection beauty program has become a must-have beauty program when visiting a beauty salon. By detecting your skin condition, you can get a deeper understanding of your skin, and the beautician can better take care of your skin. Facial skin detection and beauty equipment commonly used in beauty salons are generally: Moji AI intelligent imager, M9 intelligent imager, and five-spectrum image detector. These facial skin detection instruments use high-tech imaging principles to better and more intuitively reflect the state of human facial skin and help beauticians analyze your skin.
2. facial skin deep cleaning

Many people’s understanding of facial cleansing is to wash their faces. Yes, we usually wash our faces at home too. The facial cleansing in the beauty salon is more than just washing the face. The facial cleansing in the beauty salon uses beauty equipment to thoroughly clean our skin. If we usually wash our face for cleaning, then going to a beauty salon for facial cleansing is equivalent to doing a general cleaning. Therefore, skin problems are caused by clogged pores, and if the pores are unobstructed, there will be no problem at all! Therefore, we go to the beauty salon to carry out facial cleansing and beauty projects. The beauty equipment used in facial cleansing and beauty items is generally small bubble cleaning, skin management beauty equipment, large bubbles and ultra-micro bubbles for cleaning. These beauty equipment can perform in-depth cleansing of our skin. Reduce our facial skin problems.
3. Facial skin moisturizing

There is a saying that women are made of water. The editor thinks that this sentence is correct. Women’s skin is always facing some conditions such as makeup powder, dryness and peeling. These are all caused by the lack of water in the skin. Therefore, for women, hydration is very important. No matter how many times you go to the beauty salon, the hydrating program can be done. The beauty equipment used in facial moisturizing beauty projects are generally cold spray moisturizing beauty device, hydrogen oxygen mask moisturizing device, and dual-screen water oxygen moisturizing device. These facial moisturizing beauty instruments can penetrate deeply into the skin to replenish moisture. Compared with daily skin care treatments, they are more hydrated!

Post time: Jun-03-2021

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