What is the principle of the plasma pen?

Mole removal with a mole pen has become a mainstream method of removing moles, especially those with small moles on the face. The mole can be removed by the mole pen. The mole pen is mainly converted into heat by electricity. Burn the melanin on the skin surface and let it fall off on its own, thereby achieving the purpose of successful mole removal. However, this method also has certain risks. It is recommended that you do not take moles to the hospital without authorization, which will be safer.
Nowadays, everyone knows that getting moles is a more convenient and fast medical procedure, and it is a minor operation that can be performed in many general hospitals, but many people also think that going to the hospital to register is too troublesome. Are the mole pens that are popular nowadays unreliable? What is the principle of the mole pen?

1. In fact, the reason why moles are so conspicuous on the face is mainly due to the partial accumulation of melanin caused by melanin deposition, which will result in some spots on the face. Mole removal and freckle removal are actually the same. The traditional method of removing moles uses syrup to corrode the skin, but this method is easy to leave scars, and the pain is more obvious, which can be regarded as a relatively unsafe method of removing moles.

2. There is also a method of removing moles, that is, removing moles by laser. Not only is the method of laser removal of moles safer and more reliable, the most important thing is that the effect after removing the mole is very good, it is not easy to leave scars on the face, and the patient is taking it. It is not easy to feel pain during the preparation process. Whether it is a small mole or a raised mole, it can be cured by laser removal. And the temperament ratio is that this small laser method for removing moles is also safer.

3. The main principle of the mole pen is to convert it into heat through electricity. It has the same effect as laser, but the depth of his light source cannot reach the depth of laser, so the effect of removing moles is not as good as laser physique, but if It is the kind of small system, and it can be completely removed with a mole removal pen.

Post time: Sep-06-2021

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