Teeth whitening product curing light

Short Description:

Curing light is used in teeth whitening services. When you use gum protector for your clients, you need curing light to solidify gum dam. This product is essential role,It makes your teeth whitening service more professional

Product Detail


Product parameter:

Product name Curing light
Function Dry gum dam
Input voltage 110V-220VAC, 50-60HZ
Battery Lithium ion battery
Battery capability 2200mAh
Weight 220g


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Curing light is used in conjunction with gum dam. When you operate the teeth whitening service, for better results, you will choose a high-concentration gel. In order to prevent the teeth whitening gel from irritating the gums, we will use gum dam to protect the gums. When we apply gum protectant on the gums, we need to use curing light to dry the gum dam, and then we will continue to the next step



 Curing light display:





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